The intention of this work is to use simple materials to create a poetic image of the environment, which is very fragile and should not be ownable, and to let the visitor slip into the role of a tourist who perceives the environment/exhibition with a smartphone.

On plaster shards and framed plasterboard, rhythmic hatching was applied in pencil

to represent the topography of a coastal landscape. If you move while looking at the picture, the graphite reflects the light and creates an effect of depth and the picture takes on a plastic quality.


With the simplest and "cheapest" materials, a valuable-looking object was created.

The plaster shards are cast very thinly and are so fragile that they are not transportable and therefore refuse to be bought. In the exhibition, however, people were invited to photograph the shards and the flash brought the topographical structure to life, so

that everyone could take a piece of the work home. 


Kunsthalle Lucerne





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