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For the exhibition at the Kunstmuseeum Luzern, we have further developed the work "So wollen wir leben" and supplemented it with important components that deal with the waste from the vegetables that are produced during the preparation process. The waste rubbish was fermented in a Japanese fermentation container (Bokashi) which was returned to the earth after fermentation. Active coal is added to the fermentation which turns the soil into a high quality humus. The seeds of the vegetables and fruits were collected and sewn into the high bed which was located in the middle of the room. In parallel, on one wall, there was a drawing with black charcoal, made from old bread, which recorded the conversations that took place in this room in a large illustration. We compared the space of the museum to a jar where we humans, like the microbes in a "closed" space, begin to interact and cultivate each other, thus the title of this work: Starting to ferment. As in the previous installation, visitors could get a glass – for free, for money or for an alternative exchange.








Dimonds always

comes in small packages

Museum of contemporary art Lucerne

In Gärung geraten 2015

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