The beautifully fragile

"The only intactness I will achieve in
my life is a shard"– Unknown


Plaster loves water. Once they meet, they unite to a miracle of forms. Both contribute equally to this symbiosis with their distinctive property and strength. They flow and solidify. In this way, they find a way together and stay where you like it. Sometimes they leave them to chance, sometimes they give you directions. But as strong as they are in their relationship to each other, they are weak to the outside world. Highly fragile and rarely destined for eternity. Most of the time, the only thing that remains is a shard. A fragment. A reminder. A beginning. 

Exhibitionview: Kunsthallte Luzern 2012
Groupexhibition: am rande des blickfeldes lauert die unschärfe
                                     (at the edge of the field of vision lurks the blurriness)
Exhibitionview:  Schindler Siedlung Emmen 2012
Groupexhibition: Der Zustand (stage of...)
Topographische Schraffuren

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