This project is developed in close cooperation with Valentin Beck:


Fifty percent of all food is thrown away: Every second piece of lettuce and every fifth loaf of bread. Most food ends up in the garbage before it reaches the consumer. A short time ago leftovers from the harvest was potted in order to secure supplies for the winter. Today things are different. Unfortunately, we have arrived in a time where economic values have replaced and continue to replace many traditions.


How do we want to live? What skills are passed on to us that enable us to survive? We are prepared by school for a job so that we can earn money to buy our food, 50% of which is thrown away. For us, this is not a satisfactory life plan. In our opinion, one of the skills needed to survive is food canning. So we have taught ourselves different methods of saving and preserving discarded food.


Since 2014, we have had various opportunities to exhibit this work. The basic idea has remained the same, the artwork forms the framework and art is supposed to take place between people. The concept was adapted for this specific context.

Foodwaste is potted. One room, 
to reflect on value relationships and
the use of resources.


so wollen wir leben


Diplomausstellung "Werkschau"



Pre’servers -
collaboration with
Anja Rüeggsegger

Festival Belluard
Bollwerk International

so wollen wir leben

Art Fair Zürich

For two weeks we collected old bread in the neighbourhood around the exhibition space. The bread loaves were then formed into elongated rolls with clay and water and fired to charcoal sticks in a pyrolysis oven. 


With this charcoal, old wooden boards were blackened and titled with terms or sentences from the conversations with the neighbours. At the centre of the room, surrounded by the black monochrome images, stood a Bokashi container in which the set-up waste fermented.

o.T. Raum für aktuelle Kunst

In Gärung geraten

For the Kunstmuseum Luzern we developed an extension of the installation EIN' MACH' ENDE.

The main focus is on the set-up waste produced during the canning process. We worked intensively on the fermentation and preparation of the waste material and the production of plant charcoal and Terra Preta.

Kunstmuseum Luzern

group exhibition:
Diamonds always come
in small packages


so wollen wir leben

Trienale für Kleinplastik Fellbach 




Museum der Brotkultur

group exhibition:

Ulm 2016 / 2107

The very last exhibition of the installation EIN'MACH'ENDE 
is currently as a  "overall" at the KKLB bei Beromünster

The exhibition catalogue and business cards


The catalogue or catalogue raisonné is a central element of the exhibition. For each new exhibition, it will be extended by newly added glasses. The catalogue gives an overview of all the glasses, including those that were swapped and brought along during the exhibition.


The business cards are given with the exchanged glass and combined with it. Each business card has been adapted to the specific glass(contents) and is therefore a unique piece.





catalogue raisonné  A4


stapler connection

ca 260 pages

2014 -2016

business card

various formats

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