Future and past, black and white, light and darkness - opposites were central themes on our journey through Sicily. "Archetypal techniques", such as drawing with plaster and charcoal, and their dialogue with the mechanical media of the present - photography and film - were the main components of our work. 


These contradictory modes served us to
secure the traces in different ways, which
should offer the viewer the opportunity to
follow our arguments in a completely new
and unexpected way. 


We call this confrontation "ways of drawing". It is an attempt to bring forgotten thoughts and values back into the present by means of archetypal techniques. By using simple means, we have been able to bring unlearned cycles and lifecycles back to the surface, which speak to the contradictions of our time. We find these contradictions and opposites everywhere, as triggers for our work.

Between black and white,
plaster and coal
ways of
Inspired by the mosaic floors
of  Villa Romana del Casale

the holy trinity, Iphone X, 

2 contrasts

pencil on handmade paper

27 x 21 cm

(assembled for

the website)

a dream - in sicily

2 watercolorpainting on handmadepaper

27 x 21 cm

snapshots from sicily

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