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Mabon is a Celtic festival which celebrates the equinox – balance between light and shadow. For the occasion of Mabon, I have developed a two-chamber wood-burning kiln, with two identical fire chambers with a big chimney in the middle. The fire chambers were designed so that only cups can be fired in them. At a temperature of 1200 degrees, the lid was removed for only a moment to reveal the glowing ceramics.


We fired about 100 cups from my production and also cups from renowned ceramic artists from the surrounding area. The kiln was built on the coast in an exposed place, accessible to the people in the area. The firing cycle lasted 48 hours, during which time people from the surrounding area gathered to enjoy the heat of the kiln, admire the glow, or simply watch the spectacle out of interest in the firing process. In times of pandemic, it was a welcome meeting place under the open sky. The central idea behind it was to celebrate the sociality with the newly produced fired cups. However, due to Covid-19, this was only possible on a small scale.


Kunstkollektivet 8B

Kenneth Marquardt
Troels Tarp Topholm

Sara Jeffrey



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COPYRIGHT Photos: Troels Tarp Topholm Photos, Video: Andia Coral

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