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The Otto Pfeifer Foundation for the Promotion of Art, Culture and Science provides creatively active people with a mobile home for 2 months free of charge (plus a subsidy towards travel and living expenses). 

During our journey we put archetypal drawing techniques such as drawing with charcoal and the simple everyday practice of walking into dialogue with media and digitality. We are interested in the comparison between the prehistoric human and the human of today with the influence of digitalisation with a focus on the change in the way we preserve our traces. We partly took on the role of an homosapiens and visited places where there was already coal due to a fire. We only wiped the paper on the charcoal – so we could give the landscape the possibility of drawing itself as a powerful act of connection with nature in contrast to the distance to nature through digitality. Videos and drawings were created that on the one hand capture the place of interaction and at the same time capture us interacting with the place. Small sculptures were also created, such as the plaster negative of a footprint in the sand—However, only the photo of it still remains.


K25 Artspace







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